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Here I am.  

Since I'm smiling, this photo was probably taken on a day when everything was running smoothly...

I love my work.  


Thanks for visiting my site.  

I’m Barbara Leone, owner of Chelsea-Arts, a handpainted ceramic tile company.  I do all my own design work, painting, firing, and mounting.  Occasionally my husband gets roped into helping me load the kiln...  

Tile has been keeping me out of trouble for over 40 years.  My expertise is in painting tile, not in building websites (as you can probably tell).  For those who enjoy resumes...I have a BFA from USC and my tile is in homes around the world. 

If you'd like to know about the tile process, I'd be happy to explain.  I love talking about this stuff (just ask my husband).  The tiles are happpiest when installed in kitchens, bathrooms, on patios, walls and other places, just not on floors.  

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

310 377-2628 or

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Santa Catalina Island, CA

I have been doing business on Catalina Island for years and 

sell many reproductions of Catalina tile. 

Please click the link below to see the designs.