Custom Work

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Gourmet Kitchen

The tiles for this kitchen were shipped across the country to New York City.  Custom quarter rounds completed the look. I've done many different kitchens over the years.  Ask about a custom  design for your space.

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Hotel Mural

This mural was originally installed at The Sheraton Molokai Hotel. It depicts early Hawaiian fisherman. The hotel has since closed.
Size - 5' x 15'
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Sink Backsplash

Each quarter round was individually painted to match the custom backsplash, which coordinated with the curtains in the room.

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Kitchen Backsplash

Shown prior to installation, this mosaic shows scenes and wildlife found around Catalina Island.  It was used as a backsplash behind the stove.

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Orca Mural for Bathroom

Long story on this one...  The customer lives in England and was building a home in South Africa.  We met at an art show on Catalina Island, CA., then corresponded via email.  She ordered this mural and several other murals and tiles, picked them up in Southern California, carried them on the plane to England, then to Capetown.  Her young grandson is now enjoying his baths with tile from half way around the world!

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Swimming Pool 

A harbor seal swims among shells and kelp on the bottom of this pool, while a tidepool scene is shown along the waterline and in the jacuzzi.  The mural is 10' diameter.  Location-Southern CA.

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House Address

This address was painted on a single 12" x 12" tile.  It was designed to complement an existing street sign as well as the Italian theme of the home.

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Sealife Bathroom

Many possibilities for tile use are shown in this bathroom.  From murals to shell borders to individually painted quarter round pieces around the sinks.

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Ice Cream Parlor

This customer requested custom tiles with an ice cream parlor theme.  The 4" x 4" tiles vary from cows to sundaes to floats to banana splits.  Individual 2" x 2"  plain tiles were interspersed for a fun emphasis.   

Don't you wish you were her friend?

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Commercial Space Mural

This wall mural depicts several aspects of the Los Angeles Harbor. An early work which I painted in 1976, for the San Pedro Service Center.  8' x 15'